Rooftop Bar Offers Cocktails Inspired by Red Hat Concerts

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Photo courtesy of 10th & Terrace


Downtown Raleigh’s 10th & Terrace rooftop bar has turned its affinity for music and proximity to the Red Hat Amphitheater into one of the best things this summer—its newly launched Concerts & Cocktails.

Starting this Wednesday, the bar will begin a series of drinks inspired by nearby performances at the amphitheater, kicking off with a craft cocktail inspired by John Fogerty, who graces the stage later that evening for his celebration tour.

The Green River cocktail. Photo by Dathan Kazsuk.

Green River ($15), based on the popular 1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) song of the same name, is a refreshing blend of Bacardi silver rum, DeLeón platinum tequila, honeydew-cucumber-apple oleo syrup with a lime and cucumber garnish.

It’s a refreshing take on a margarita, and subbing out the Cointreau with a subtle hint of rum makes this that perfect drink to enjoy before Fogerty launches into his first track, “Bad Moon Rising.” (Yes, we looked at, and ticket holders are in for a vast nostalgistic blast of CCR!)

The Pink Pony Club is inspired by artist Chappell Roan. Photo by Dathan Kazsuk.

On Wednesday, June 12, the afternoon of the Chappell Roan “Princess Tour,” the rooftop bar will release the Pink Pony Club.

“It’s a metaphor for being in a place with like-minded people and being accepted for who you are,” said Conrad Most, 10th & Terrace’s food and beverage director. “With her popular songs, that was the song we came up with for this drink. And those who are fans of her music know that’s the song’s meaning, and that’s a good reason why we chose it.”

The Pink Pony Club ($16) is made with Espolón reposado tequila, watermelon pucker, lime, hot bitters, Fee Brothers fee foam and a tajín rim. It is like drinking a watermelon Jolly Rancher (in a good way) with that friendly heat from the tajín rim, which we advise you to take advantage of when you order. This one was probably our favorite of the three! This drink will be offered to guests starting June 12—the day of Chappel Roan’s performance.

And for those who want to know, Roan typically ends her encore with Pink Pony Club, so you will definitely want to order this drink!

“What we’re showcasing now is what we have for June,” Most says. And with the Concerts & Cocktails series going through August, we know a lot more imaginative drinks will come along throughout the summer.

Goose Juice is in honor of the American jam band, Goose. Photo by Dathan Kazsuk.

The final drink of June comes courtesy of the American jam band from Wilton, Connecticut—Goose. Although the ingredients sound relatively simple, this drink packs a flavorful punch. The Goose Juice ($14) is an orange-infused Grey Goose (get it?) vodka with house-made grenadine and lemon.

“We like their style, and we like the way they operate, so we made a drink for them and to reach out to their fan base,” Most says.

While talking to Most, we mentioned that these artists need to come into 10th & Terrace, order these drinks and tell their fans about this fantastic summer concept the rooftop bar has set.

And as we found out the Violent Femmes show is being moved from The Ritz to the Red Hat Amphitheater, Most perks up and says that as a massive fan of the band, he might need to work on a drink specially made for when Gordon, Brian and the gang come into town!

We can only hope to be there!

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