2024 Diamond Awards FAQs

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By Dathan Kazsuk


January 18, 2024
6:30p-9:30p ET

Museum of Natural Sciences
11 W Jones St, Raleigh, NC 27601

*Please Use the Entrance to the Building below
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Gold Winners will receive 2 Complimentary tickets with the option to purchase 4 more
Silver/Bronze Winners have the option to purchase 2 tickets
Pricing: Tickets are $30 each
Link to Purchase:



Can I change my attendees once I RSVP?
Please email  for any changes to your guest list

Dress Code:

What is the dress code?
Semiformal/Dressy Casual

What should I wear?
A good rule of thumb is slightly dressier than the office but not as formal as eveningwear.


Bailey’s Diamond Discovery

What is Bailey’s Diamond Discovery?
The Diamond Discovery raffle will consist of  a champagne wall set up with two numbered, flat-backed “diamonds” in each of the champagne flutes. Once you purchase a flute (or flutes), you will remove the numbered “diamonds” and place one number in a bowl and keep the other. This places you in the drawing for the item of jewelry donated by Bailey’s as well as other items from our sponsors. Proceeds from the raffle will benefit Children’s Flight of Hope (https://www.childrensflightofhope.org/).

$30 for one champagne glass
$50 for two champagne glasses
Link: from Eventbrite

Dietary Restrictions:
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