Kaleidoscope: Marina Bosetti

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Photo courtesy of Marina Bosetti

KALEIDOSCOPE: Marina Bosetti


Sculptured Garden Delights


Raleigh-based ceramic tile artist Marina Bosetti takes a painterly approach to clay. The painters, sculptors and drawing instruction she received while earning her bachelor’s in fine art from Pratt Institute in 1982 influenced her ceramic tile practice.

Bosetti creates custom tile pieces inspired by the client and his or her home, such as her recent tile sculpture, “Garden Fantasy,” which was installed in the garden of a New Jersey home; the client commissioned Bosetti to create it for her daughter as a thank-you gift for allowing her to move into a new suite in her home. Bosetti, who always incorporates personalized elements into commissioned work, added geraniums and other floral features from the client’s garden, along with a bird at the top of the sculpture to represent the client’s grandchildren, who will one day take flight. The sculpture consists of nine interlocking sections that are stacked so that the sculpture is not permanent. One day, this sculpture can be taken apart to move with the family.

Bosetti’s Boylan Heights studio is located at 1201 W. Lenoir Street in Raleigh, and is typically open 10 a.m.–5 p.m. View her work online at bosettiarttile.com and on
Instagram @bosetti_art_tile.

“Ceramics are incredibly complicated, to the point where it is almost magical.” – Marina Bosetti

BELOW: Garden Fantasy | Marina Bosetti | 2023 | 6 X 6 X 84 inches

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Gottschall | gottschallphotography.com
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