Treasures Around Town

Bailey’s Fine Jewelry celebrates its 70th anniversary with even more “Finders Keepers” boxes hidden around Raleigh.

By Lipsa Shah


Imagine going about your day, working late, running by the grocery to pick up dinner—and there, nestled among the greens, you stumble upon a jewelry box. A diamond inside, with no strings attached—this box is simply for the finder to keep as a gift. It’s instant gratification on your end as well as gratification on Trey Bailey’s end, just knowing that he made someone’s day. This was exactly what Trey Bailey (whose surname has been synonomous with fine jewelry since the family opened its first store in 1948) envisioned about 10 years ago when he was discussing the idea with his wife during a stroll in the park.

The concept Bailey imagined was meant to be unique and authentic. As he explains it, discovering a gift of jewelry is an experience that is always surprising and delighting to the recipients. The first ever box was hidden at Cafe Carolina and Bakery in Cameron Village, where a woman found it. The owner of Cafe Carolina told Bailey the entire restaurant stopped and watched as this woman opened up the box and was brought to tears. The event ended up making its way to The News & Observer front cover in the most organic way possible: word of mouth.

Today, Bailey’s Fine Jewelry hides boxes around town throughout the year, but always leaves a few extra on special holidays such as Mother’s Day and Christmas. Even someone who has never shopped at Bailey’s will recognize the box and, no doubt, feel a tingle of excitement. Since this is the jeweler’s 70th year of business, the 2018 holiday season was particularly celebratory: Bailey’s scattered 70 boxes throughout the market between Thanksgiving and Christmas, with a variety of jewelry from earrings to rings and necklaces, ranging in price from $25 to $250. Every so often, the value of the surprise packages will exceed $1,000. As Valentines and Mother’s Day approaches, you might look for these treasures at all manner of public places—grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, etc. Hints about the places where boxes are hidden can be found on social media @baileysfinejewelry.

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