Controversy Aside, CBD Oil Works

One writer’s take on the benefits of using CBD products.

By Lipsa Shah

“So it gets you high?” That’s the first question everyone asks after they learn about my love affair with CBD products. Let’s start with the basics—CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound extracted from hemp or marijuana plants. It’s completely non-psychotropic, which means, no, it won’t get you high.

Human bodies actually produce their own cannabinoids, which means our body already knows what to do with CBD once you’ve applied it. I replaced parts of my daily routine with CBD products for one month because I was fascinated by its rumored benefits.


The topical benefits of CBD range from reducing inflammation and soreness to relieving pain, and even fighting wrinkles. Consuming CBD combats anxiety and helps promote sleep and a healthy weight. If something claims to calm my skin and mind at the same time, you better believe I’m going to drench my face and body with it—which is exactly what I did. To my surprise, it was even better than I anticipated.

1. It’s Not Pot Chocolates

I have the biggest sweet tooth, so I get a two-in-one effect after consuming these heart-shaped treats. Not Pot chocolates are made with raw cacao, CBD via hemp oil, and herbs such as ashwagandha. Raw cacao provides a boost of antioxidants, while Ashwagandha is known for a variety of benefits. I pop one of these before a long work day to keep my stress levels at bay, or before bed for a sweet, peaceful slumber.

2. Lord Jones Pain and Wellness Pure CBD Body Lotion

I used this body lotion to relieve severe cramps that sometimes keep me bedridden for days, and after rubbing this over my belly I was able to get out of bed and enjoy a nice dinner. I also rubbed this on my shoulders after a particularly grueling upper body day at the gym, and felt less tense. Lord Jones also claims to help with dryness, so I plan to keep this on my shelf to save my skin during the winter months.

3. Origins’ Hello, Calm Face Mask

The change of seasons has been causing breakouts more often than not lately. Origins’ claims this mask can be used to instantly calm skin and reduce visible irritation, so I applied it daily before my shower and let it absorb into my skin for 15 minutes. After the second day, I noticed my breakouts reduce substantially, and by the third day they were practically gone.

4. Vertly Natural Lip & Skin Balm

This was an easy addition to my collection considering my lips are always dry. Each layer I applied brought with it a whiff of sweet and earthy aromas. Thanks to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, my lips were left soft and smooth with no signs of chapping or flaking. The lip balm ingredients also include peppermint, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and cacao butter—the perfect recipe for undeniably smooth and soft lips.

5. Cannuka CBD Calming Eye Balm

Our eyes are the hardest-working part of our bodies. Between the constant changes in light and darkness, the blue light our computer screens give off, and the demands of our visual world, our eyes are always exhausted. Cool to touch then warm on contact, Cannuka’s eyebalm treats fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. After applying a small bit around my eyes first thing in the morning and again before bed, I noticed a smoother eye area.

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