By Carla Turchetti, Photos by Joe Reale

You’ve got a calendar full of parties and dinners and celebrations, and you want to look your best every single time. Start at the top with a fantastic hairstyle suggested by talented stylists at our top local salons.

The good news is, the pressure is off to create that one perfect hairstyle that’s on-trend this holiday season. From glamorous movie star-worthy updos and sleek and stylish ponytails, to gently-tossed waves and coils of braids, there are many options for looking your holiday best.

Mark Christopher Salon

At Mark Christopher Salon the stylists are enjoying a season of hairstyles that are pulled back with special added details. They believe that all the little touches combine to form fashionable looks that pull from other eras, but feel very fresh.

“Stylist Mint Moran amplified this holiday look in a braided form by twisting, stacking and pinning the hair into a knotted bun at the nape of the neck,” says Brooke Holland, Operations Director at Mark Christopher Salon. “This modern take on the traditional braided updo creates a lovely sleek look that screams youthful sophistication.”

Garnish Hair Studio and Extension Bar

You don’t always have to choose between wearing hair in an updo or leaving it longer and flowing. The creative team at Garnish Studio and Extension Bar describes this style as half up and half down, and twisted into a retro knot. 

“If you are seeking a stylish and fun holiday look, this style is amazing for any length,” says Garnish’s owner Candice Motley. “It is super easy to replicate and comes across chic and effortless.”

Salon Blu

The stylists at Salon Blu created a holiday hair look that is a tale of two sides. From the back this is a low, messy bun nestled into the nape of the neck. The bun isn’t perfect like a ballerina’s, but is more unstructured as if it were pinned up very quickly. From the front this style is tailored and frames the face with volume on top.

And those side tendrils that seemingly escaped from the head add even more softness.



Douglas Carroll Salon, Spa and Boutique

This holiday style combines the current popularity of braids with a loose chignon and creator Douglas David, owner of Douglas Carroll Salon, Spa and Boutique says the look is not only glamorous, it is versatile.

“To create start with a loose ponytail, then fold pieces of the ponytail up and pin into original pony. The front is softly pulled back away from face with a loose braid, which decorates the top from behind,” says David. “This look is elegant and soft, and can be worn for a gala event, holiday party, or pull some more pieces down for dinner and the movies.”

Salon Eden

At Salon Eden holiday style is all about the perfectly blow-dried mane. This style is classic. It is sleek and smooth. Tons of body in the hair. Loose curls perfected.

This style just begs to be touched. It’s casual, but a closer look reveals symmetry that is very planned. And the blonde waves are perfectly complemented by the red and bold holiday lip.

If you’re heading to a holiday outing and are searching for the perfect hair day – or night – take some advice from our pros. A professional touch will certainly always deliver a hairstyle worthy of a photograph or two, but it’s certainly possible to elevate your hairstyle yourself with a braid or a twist, a bun, a topknot or a ponytail. The smallest detail may elevate your style to an entirely new level. And don’t forget to smile. You’re gorgeous and they know it.


This piggyback ponytail is presented by Jon Williams, owner of Physios, who says every stylish hair arsenal needs to include an option for running home from work and getting ready in a hurry for the evening ahead. 

“If you can make two ponytails, you’ve got it made,” Williams says. The directions for this do include sectioning the hair from ear to crown and crown to ear. Create one ponytail in the crown section and another ponytail in the lower section, just a few inches below the part. Secure the top ponytail to the bottom ponytail, and enjoy. 

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