Hey, I get it. We’re all busy; and we all have priorities.

What Documents Should You Gather to Prepare for Separation or Divorce?

By Justin Russo, Russo DDS Raleigh

That impending dental appointment is too easily out of sight, out of mind and many times down on the list of our financial priorities.
It shouldn’t be; and here’s why.
Putting off your dental appointment could mean bigger, more expensive problems down the road. What may be a painless cavity now, could turn into a root canal later. Your health is important and should never be neglected; and dental health is a big part of that. At Russo DDS, I complete thousands of cases a year from annual cleanings to full smile makeovers with porcelain veneers. During each visit I have the same conversation about how to craft a play that achieves dental health and a confident smile, while fitting within their budget.
Dental Insurance.
If you have dental benefits – use them! Dental insurance companies count on making millions of dollars off of patients who never use their benefits. By actively using your dental benefits, you can help defray the costs of dental treatment.
Dental Membership.
Close to 60% of the American population doesn’t have dental insurance. You may be one of them. That should not keep you from maintaining your dental (or overall!) health. At Russo DDS, we’ve crafted dental membership plans designed to keep your health a priority, while allowing you to use the best BPA free, biocompatible, and aesthetic dental materials available.
Your Provider Matters.
When budgeting for the year, sometimes low cost options seem like the better route. However, the cheaper option isn’t always the best solution. In dentistry, high-quality materials and world-class dental laboratories cost more than cheaper alternatives. This is the nature of the business world we live in. So, if you’re paying less for a product, service or procedure, it’s highly likely you’re receiving a cheap alternative or lesser quality product; or receiving product from a dental lab that outsources their work to China.
Like clockwork, I remove dozens of crowns per week from patients that were treated with a cheaper alternative ultimately leading to chronic tooth or gum infection. When thinking through your finances, put your health (& yourself!) first. Don’t neglect what matters most, your well-being. My suggestion is to educate yourself with before and after procedure photos, choose your provider wisely and weigh out all options (benefits, membership plans, financing…) before making any decisions.

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