By Carla Turchetti

There really is no place like home. It’s our sanctuary from the rest of the world. The place where we spend time with the people we love the most. It is also the spot where we live out our personal style. And whether that style is clean and modern or bold and bright or classic with a twist, it can be beautiful. Come along with us as we go beyond peeking in the windows and step inside a few of Raleigh’s beautiful homes.

Marsha Gordon and Louis Cherry are certain they are living in the perfect home for them.

“We wanted to make a perfect-sized house – no more than we needed, and no less either,” says homeowner Louis Cherry, who was both builder and architect of their home. “It is 2,150 square feet total. There is not a single room of the house that we don’t use every day, and that was a very deliberate part of the design.”

Another deliberate part of the home in Raleigh’s Oakwood neighborhood is the sustainable elements, like solar panels and geothermal wells.

“Louis wanted to be sure that the home had the optimal relationship to the sun – with a south-facing roof, which is optimal for solar panels, and as much natural light as possible, without creating unwanted solar gain,” Marsha says.

The main floor is warm and informal, and the kitchen and living room are one open space. The upstairs, with its master bedroom and den, is a haven for the couple.

“During the design process we thought of it as our loft apartment and it really feels that way, with lovely views, a sense of openness, but also privacy,” Marsha says.

And the couple wanted to create a home that was lived-in, and not like a museum.

“We both like art and books and music, and we didn’t want it to read as just an empty box,” Marsha says. “ Walking the balance between clean and open but also warm and welcoming was really important to us.”

North Raleigh

If it hadn’t been for the rhino, Sally Medicke’s home in North Raleigh would have had a completely different feel. She set out to create a space that was sparkling in jewel tones of teal and cobalt blue. But that came to a screeching halt when she fell in love with a piece of art featuring a gray rhinoceros.

“Who else would do a whole house after a sassy rhino?” Sally asks.

So the new palette became shades of gray, subtly different in every room, with accents of gold and silver and black.

“Gray needs a friend to warm it up, so I put it with orange or metallic golds,” says Sally, who owns Tres Belle Designs. “It’s very peaceful when life is crazy, but still interesting with a lot of visual movement.”

Sally describes her home as a transitional ranch with a walk-out basement. The ceilings are 10 to 11 feet tall throughout the house and 14 feet in the family room. The 8-feet windows were inspired by their previous living quarters.

“My husband and I lived in North Hills in the Park & Market on the very top unit in the corner. It had 26 feet of glass and it overlooked the entire city. I loved the tall windows and glass in my apartment, so I put them in my house.”

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